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Monday, July 25, 2011

Web Presence 101 - Part 1

Q: “Hey! I have been reading your blog and your last one about web presence really sparked my interest. I am not a business owner, but having a web presence (from what I have read for employers hiring) is just as important on the personal level. Do you have any more tips for increasing your web presence?”

A: I sure do! Web presence is extremely important on both the personal level and the business level. Now, like I said in Friday's post, having a website is a huge help. This is in case anybody ever wants to look you or your business up, and although we all love Facebook, it isn’t that professional as your only means of people learning about you. Now beyond that, here are a few things which I have done and seen success.

1) Get a Facebook, Twitter, and blog….. all of it. These items are great but have the potential to be detrimental if used incorrectly. Remember, that these are your personal sites you are using them to market you! So don’t write anything that a whole PR team would take a month to clean up. Also, once you write it, IT IS THERE FOREVER.

2)Retweet, write on walls, leave a comment, and WRITE BACK! That’s right everybody you are going to have to interact with the internet. The internet has become an engaging medium that you should take advantage of in this day of age. I try and comment on at least one blog a day and a few Facebook fan pages everyday, either backlinking (placing my personal link in the comment) or just simply commenting. As for twitter, I am a tweet-aholic, be it tweeting, retweeting, reading, or posting twitpics.Twitter haters, you are going to have to get over it. Twitter is a great way to share quick thoughts, talk to other people, and network quickly all from your computer or cell phone.

3. Post pictures and videos. I think this is instant gratification at its best. A lot of people will choose to watch a video or look at a picture instead of read, so use that to your advantage. Once again, if your mother would squirm because of a picture or video, you should probably not post it.

This list is much longer, but I will wait to continue it till tomorrow. Remember that we are offering $125 special to get you a website and start your way on to a better web presence. Call 706.373.8688 to start today! If you have more questions Facebook us!

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