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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Find yourself on Google - $125 Web Design Special

I love Google. I love how it answers any question I have at the press of a button. Google is a huge search engine that a lot of people choose as their primary source to find out more information. With all of this information at the tips of our fingers it is sometimes hard to get your message heard. This can be a huge problem especially for small businesses. One way in which you can defeat the Google burial ground is by increasing your web presence. Web presence, or online presence, is simply the presence a business or a person has on the World Wide Web. Web presence is crucial in today’s society where obtaining information is usually through a search engine.

There are a few steps to web presence, but we are going to focus on the most basic.

1) The first step to any successful web presence is actually having a website. Without a website you are missing out on the chance for future customers to even hear about you. The website allows people to read more information about whatever you sell which makes them more apt to do business with you.

2) If you already have a website this next step is for you. The next step is optimizing a website you may already have. The old saying “there is ALWAYS room for improvement” is definitely true in the scenario. Just like fruits and vegetables you have to keep your website new and fresh to keep up with the changing times.

Don’t let your business slip through the cracks of the media age. Jonae Media is offering a special on one page web designs for only $125. For more information call 706.373.8688 or email us at

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