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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Day of Amalgamation

"The Day of Amalgamation"
A collaboration by:
Christina Jonae' (Writer and international Model)
Michael Shane (Photographer)

"The Day of Amalgamation" is a five part series that entails narrative photographs with a unique storyline. Below is the first part of the series in which Gelila (Hebrew for Rolling Hills) is first introduced to us and foreshadows the rest of the narrative.

(Gelila) Part one:
High in the treetops rests a young fairy named Gelila who possesses the gifts of transformation and division. She had been bound to there for a century for losing three fourths of herself. As the sun creeps to the uppermost parts of the trees Gelila was awakened for the first time in ten years. As she sat up she felt a change in the wind and saw a sheet of fog begin to roll in. It was then she knew it was The Day of Amalgamation. She had been waiting for this day for so long and it was finally upon her. As she looked to her left she saw Barak, the messenger and overseer of the treetops. She then reaches for the pink diamond of the past, present, and future and transfers her visions into it and offers it to Barak. As Barak begins to look into the pink diamond he is surprised to see the task that lays ahead for Gelila. In astonishment the stone slips from Barak's hands and Gelila quickly takes flight to capture it, for she will need it for the long and grueling days journey to collect the rest of herself to be free from the treetops.

curious??? more to come...

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Thanks, Christina Jonae'

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