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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's, New Ideas. A few markeing strageties to bring in 2012!

New Year’s is time to focus on making a fresh start, and there is no better time to create a new marketing strategy and campaign that is fresh with ideas and hope just in time for all of your customers have resolutions and change on the for front.
Here are a few New Year’s marketing ideas that will keep you ahead of the game:
1.       Announce new products or services in the New Year: use the end of year ad space on television and radio and send out direct mail to promote your new products. You can use New Year’s Day to hold sales with generous discounts on old stock while unveiling your new product line. Market this even with direct mail and TV spots.
2.       Use resolutions to come up with new slogans and campaign verbiage. For example, you can promise customers that in the New Year, you resolve to increase your customer satisfaction rating or resolve to offer more sales and deals before the summer months, when sales are typically slower.
3.      Give your website a makeover: It is always a good idea to ‘change it up” every so often and what better time that the New Year? Your website is often a customer’s first impression of you, so make sure it’s well-maintained. Is your company info updated? Is your site easy to navigate? Update content, including blogs, photos, or recent events recaps, to beef up your site. And make sure it’s search engine optimized, and that you’re always following best practices (for example, don’t use Flash for design, which prevents customers from copy/pasting info).

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