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Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Housewives of Augusta

Are you a strong woman that not only holds down a business but also a family? We have all seen Bravo’s popular show Real Housewives of ….wherever and although it is a guilty pleasure for most of us, it is completely unrealistic. We want to give a chance to all of our strong women that can hold a family and a business together without tossing a table the chance to tell their story. Write in and tell us your story about your life and how you hold it all together. The best story will win a gift basket from AVON. Send in your story to and get featured right here on our blog as well.


  1. Strong woman? Not me, I am soft. Hold down a business? Well, my business anchors me to the world, not the other way around... it takes a dedicated commitment but well worth it! Is Real Housewives a guilty pleasure? No, it is self abuse for me to watch it, and I need to quit because it makes me think for one second that it is possible to have a movie crew on hand at all times to make the flaws of life disappear and dress up and organize my sweaty cluttered life! but the future looks bright, I have accomplished many great goals this year and have a punch sheet for 2012 in the edit box right now! So, how do I hold it all together? I pray, pray pray... and laugh along the way. Thank, God!

  2. Good for you, any comments for 2015?

  3. Good for you, any comments for 2015?