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Monday, September 26, 2011

Around the World in Three Days

Last weekend was the 31st annual Arts in the Heart festival in downtown Augusta. We hosted two tables for CertaPro Painters and SBH Fitness. With both of the tables in the kid’s section, we had to represent a foreign country. CertaPro Painters became France and SBH Fitness became Egypt. To represent the country, we had to come up with a craft that would show off our country. In France, the children got to create their own French flag with red and blue glitter. In Egypt, the children got to create their own pyramids with their choice of glitter or markers (after about an hour you could tell which was the more popular choice because we had glitter all over us).

The children were each given “passports” at the beginning of their journey through the different countries. When they finished their trip around the world, they would turn in their passport and receive a prize. Due to this fact, both of our tables were packed with kids trying to get their craft done to be one step closer to that prize. There was a lot of cutting and gluing and searching for more supplies, but we survived. Luckily the weather took a turn in our favor on Friday with cool weather for the whole weekend!

For those of you who attended the event, I hope you had a great time. And for those of you who did not get the chance to be there, you definitely missed out on a cultural event.

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