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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

100 Members and Counting!

The Business Women Society (BWS), a social network and advertising database, is planning a party! The event called “100 members and counting” will celebrate the first 100 members of the BWS. The celebration will take place at our office located at 925 Laney Walker Blvd in downtown Augusta. It is an exciting time for the BWS because everything is so new, but also because the BWS members are blazing the way to help future women become successful in the business world.

The party date is just around the corner. There will be all types of great food, drinks, and music so do not worry about cooking on that night. Also, plan on having your picture taken. We have some interns that will be going around documenting the festivities and posting them on to Facebook later that night because this is a historical event!

As always, we will have prizes for the ladies that show up. They will be given out to the women with the most active accounts. It will be filled with all types of AVON goodies! So starting logging in, checking your account and clicking around to increase your chances of winning! You won’t want to lose this race.

We will be sending out invitations when the event will occur, but keep checking back to see what other fun things we will give out in the future!

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