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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free Marketing tips: Part 1

Hello everyone!

My name is Christina Jonae' Shelley and I'm the owner of Jonae Media. I have owned my company for 6 yr.

I'm starting this blog to help my fellow Business owner that have more time than money! (which is just the way it is when you start a business!) So, here are a few marketing tips you can do yourself:

  • If you have not yet, go and get your DBA!
  • Make and buy your business cards
  • Start putting your cards in the hands of every person you meet.
  • Get involved with Groups like the Chambers of Commerce, Women In Business, YPA, etc. (This is the Best way to network with like minded individuals).
  • Make a website, then get your self set up on social network like: linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  • link all pages to your website.

Will be back next week with a few more helpful tip!

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